IF WE INSTALL A NEW FLOOR: The room temperature needs to be at least 65 degrees for 24 hours prior to the installation and for at least 2 weeks after the installation is completed.  Allow for delivery 2-3 days before installation for material to acclimate.

MOST PROJECTS INVOLVE MOVING APPLIANCES: Although there is an extra labor charge for moving appliances, we encourage you to let the installer remove and replace them. Improper moving of heavy equipment can easily damage hard surface floors.  This includes bathroom toilets and pedestal sinks.

You may need to hire a plumber to put it back in.

SHOE MOLDING: Every new installation will require either shoe molding or baseboards (or both) to be replaced.  If you decided to take up your own shoe molding, you will have to replace it after the installation is completed.

DOORS: The installers will remove and replace your doors unless there is a clearance problem with your new vinyl, wood, or ceramic. You will have to arrange for a carpenter to make the necessary adjustments. If the doors are off when the installers arrive, they will leave them off.

DUST: Since hard surface installations involve cutting and sanding, expect a fair amount of dust.

HIDDEN FLOOR REPAIRS: On a remodel job, once the old floor covering is removed it’s not unusual to find repair work needed which has not been figured in the price of your job. In some cases our installers can do the repair, but sometimes a carpenter is needed. While this can result in scheduling delays and additional cost, we feel it’s best to do the proper floor prep at the time. If we find additional floor prep necessary, Adam will contact you at your daytime phone number.